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The Center shall be open to serve PDIC employees and its external stakeholders.

For PDIC employees:

1.   PDIC employees who visit the Center during office hours are advised to seek written authorization from their respective Department Heads.

              For External Users:


1.      External visitors should write, email or call the Center prior to their visit.

2.      Visitors must register first with the library staff before accessing the materials they require.

3.    Visitors must leave their bags (excluding their valuables) at the reception counter prior entry to the Center.  The Center shall not be held liable for the loss of any valuables within its premises.

4.       Silence should be properly observed within the Center at all times.  Visitors must switch off their mobile phones or put them into silent mode while inside the premises. Smoking, eating and drinking are also prohibited.

5.       Visitors of the Center should be properly attired.

6.       No books or other materials may be taken out of the Center without prior approval from the library staff.

7.       Visitors should not return used books and other materials themselves.  Visitors are advised to place the used books and other materials at the designated area near librarian's reception counter.

8.       Books and other materials found inside the Center should be handled with due care and not be marked in any way.

9.       External visitors who cause loss or damage to Center's properties should be held accountable and shall be asked to pay the replacement value of the damaged property or reference material.  Likewise, visitors who violate the Center's rule shall be reported to their respective institutions (when applicable).


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