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“Bank Restructuring and Resolution” Edited by David S. Hoelscher, copyrighted by the International Monetary Fund and published by Palgrave McMillan

Banks fail, and bank failures can cause distress among creditors, losses for both owners and creditors, and in the extreme, can threaten financial stability. Losses from bank failures must be distributed. The impact of that distribution on economic activity will depend, in part, on conditions of the bank and in part, on the role of the bank in the economy.

The book tackles the steps for the resolution of managing systemic crises and the resolution of systemically important bank, or resolution of a bank in the midst of systemic crises, as well as the appropriate techniques, alternative, and guidance for the resolution of a failed bank.

Several chapters describe the limitations that arise when a country enters a systemic crisis and how the strategy followed will be influenced by the conditions of the bank, the financial position of the shareholders, and the medium-term prospects of the bank’s core group.

The book likewise discusses in detail the legal and regulatory framework for bank intervention and bank resolution within which the authorities may act and at the same time, private and public sector solutions such as re-capitalization. The book also includes case studies in bank restructuring.

The book is a compilation of articles and papers by the Monetary and Financial Systems Department of the International Monetary Fund.

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