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Guide On How To Use The Catalog Search Portal

The Catalogue Search Portal is an on-line bibliography that allows you to search for books, journals, and multimedia resources available at the PDIC Resource Center and read some of the full text of the publications.

There are many ways to do a successful search and here are the steps on how to use our portal and browse our collection using it:

♦  Click on the catalogue search button to open the search screen.
♦  You may search by keying in the author, or title, or date of publication, or the publisher, if you have these information before hand. Otherwise key in a word or phrase of your desired topic, and click the submit button on the screen.
♦  You may do your search by subject and tick one of the three main subjects in our collection. Since this is not a general reference library but a special library, our major subjects are limited to banking, financial stability, and deposit insurance. The search will be confined to either of these major subject headings, or the sub-categories under them. You may tick one or several subject categories at a time. This is also an effective way of using the portal because it narrows down your search.

♦  After choosing the subject, the author, or the type of material you need, you may click submit button to view the results page.

♦  Click the desired item from the results page to read the summary of the book or material, and other bibliographic information such as the call number to help you retrieve the hard copy if you are in the library premises, or if you plan to visit the library. And since this is a virtual library, you may also click the pdf Acrobat link at the lower end of the bibliographic information to download the material and read the full text. Not all publications in the Center may have soft copies.

♦  The same bibliographic entry will also indicate if the book has one or more copies (look at the accession number, if it has two or three consecutive alphanumeric codes, then it has more than one copy),or if the book is available, on loan, or restricted for library use only.

*The Center is using the JEL classification system as mode of classifying materials for the Center.  However, certain modifications were made to best suit the need of the Center.


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